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Welcome to our website we hope that it is helpful and informative.
Kingco Engineering is a family owned and operated company established in 1989.
As the name suggests we are a company that understands the value and importance of those that work within the business they are the Co in Kingco.
It has always been the goal of Kingco to not specialize in only one field but to attempt to offer a complete service.
A number of our clients use our services to their full extent and reap the benefits that go along with this.
For example if you are a small to medium building company all you need do is give Kingco the documentation and we will look after all things metal including Structural Steel, Walkways and Plant Platforms , Handrails & Balustrades of almost any type Stainless Steel/ Glass included.
Kingco Engineering are national code compliant and have in place all relivent agreements ect; to alow our team to work on any  building site within Victoria and troughout Australia.
If our industrial clients wish we can also look after the installation or relocation of production machinery including plumbing and electrical works.
Some of our Industrial clients also use our services for maintaining their production plant if they are overwhelmed or when their staff is away on annual leave.
Company Profile
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